Why Choose Us for the Job?

People trust K&C to provide quality cabinetry.

Custom Design & Creation

We have in house creators and designers to help you make that dream home a reality.

We use both mock up and design software to bring your ideas along with our creators to life and make that room pop!

Full Insured and Certified

We are fully licensed and insured company.

You can rest assured our employees are completed insured, licensed, and bonded installers.

Expert Team

We believe if we put our team of employees first they will in turn put you the customer first as well.

We will make sure you have the very best member of our team for your custom job.

Top Quality Products

We use only the best of materials for each and every job.

Not only will quality materials last a lifetime, it will bring added value to your dream home.

Fast and Reliable

When we make an appointment we do our best to keep it, we know how hectic a work week can be that is why we work fast and make sure our team is professional and punctual.

Affordability & Price

We will make sure you are not only getting the very best of materials for your dream home but also getting the best price and not getting over charged.

You can count on us to price your job correctly.